The beauty of craftsmanship

In a world where there is a technological solution for seemingly everything, good ol’ fashioned craftsmanship can sometimes feel inefficient and unnecessary. Surely the extraordinary talents of AI and robotic tech can do an equal, if not better, job than us mere humans?

Indeed, technology really can do incredible things and is making a huge impact in so many walks of life and sectors of industry. But when it comes to things which require real craftsmanship – the minuscule detail of stitching on a bespoke handbag, assessing the quality of a fine piece of leather for a pair of brogues or the intricate setting of a diamond into a beautiful ring – the talents of a human eye and a craftsman’s hands surely cannot be replaced.

Generations of toiling in workshops, learning the tricks of the trade, passing down skills and tools, knowing exactly what discerning customers want and need. That doesn’t come from a computer. Not even a very sophisticated one. It comes from decades of learning and perfecting a skill by hand.

What could be wonderful than having something made by hand, especially for you? Something which a talented craftsman has poured over for weeks to ensure it fits absolutely perfectly?

That’s why craftsmanship is at the very core of Irene & Jenny – we treat people’s family heirloom jewellery as if it is our own. Our master craftsmen have years and years of experience working with the finest gemstones and precious metals. Every creation is perfectly bespoke and exquisitely made, just for you. 

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