Do you have a family heirloom?

By definition, an heirloom is something of sentimental or monetary value which has been passed down through a family for many generations. An heirloom is something which is intended to be handed down and creates a sense of connection between generations in a family.

Some of the most common heirlooms in families are –

  • Jewellery
  • Fine art
  • Clocks and watches
  • Furniture
  • Family recipes
  • Photographs, letters and journals
  • Quilts and textiles
  • Kitchen items
  • Books and Bibles
  • Musical instruments
  • Fine china and pottery
  • Wedding gowns and other special clothing
  • Crystal and glassware

In reality, anything can be an heirloom. And it may have more significance to one generation than it does to another. But what really matters is the story behind the piece. A great idea is to write down the meaning of the heirloom and store them together. Perhaps you might want to explore your family tree?

At Irene & Jenny we consider ourselves to be storytellers. We transform old, heirloom jewellery into spectacular new pieces. A pendant which was once very special to your Grandmother can form the centrepiece of a stunning, modern necklace or the diamond from your Mother’s engagement band can take centre stage in a dazzling new ring.